C2 and the unfinished Newgrounds API

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  • I didn't know where to post this, but I felt like the potential impact was large enough that it could go here.

    Newgrounds is one of the largest portals for web content and has recently begun to accept HTML5 content. There have even been collaborative game jams between Scirra and Newgrounds. Yet, the Newgrounds API, which provides useful services like version control, high score boards, site whitelisting, and opportunities for ad revenue has not been fully translated into JS, nor is there a plugin for C2 that allows us to take advantage of anything more than the medal system.

    I'm no programmer, so there's nothing that I can directly do about this. However, I can call attention to this and attempt to open discussion. I feel that if C2 developers had access to these features it would be immensely helpful to both the Scirra and Newgrounds communities.

    I feel that the nature of this task is one that financial reward wouldn't be effective in solving, but I am willing to give a few hundred dollars to anyone who does it. That probably isn't enough money, but it's what I can afford. Maybe we could all chip in and see if anyone on NG is interested? Other ideas are totally welcome.

    Personally, my latest game on NG would really benefit from a high score board and I'd like to have one.

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  • Well, as you mentioned Newground's API is not fully translated to JS. Until it's done, not much can be done on C2's part.

    You'd probably have better luck raising the awareness on NG itself.

    People can join the "long time fan" that started this on github.

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