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  • Does anyone know where I might find some skinning files to look over to try to get the Visual Studio (Dark) theme to correctly apply to all windows (e.g. Objects, Project, Layers, Tilemap)? From what I can tell, the theme currently only applies to the frame, ribbon bar, and Properties window. While that is much appreciated, I would love to be able to get the rest of the UI to match the theme as well instead of the glaring, bright, white background.

    Also, if the options we are presented there (Outlook, VS, Basic, etc) are loaded in from some definitions somewhere on our system, then would it be possible to create an entirely new theme? I would love to work on an Obsidian/Oblivion-esque theme for Construct 2 (subtle-dark windows with vibrant color/contrast in the elements).

    Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much in advance!

  • scirra.com/forum/share-your-c2-themes_t83760

    Thanks for the response, though I believe you may have misunderstood my question or the linked topic. Aside from the response from (page 5), none of that topic is relevant to my post. I'm not referring to the visual scripting interface's "theme", but the application's "theme" (should probably be referred to as a "skin" to reduce ambiguity).

    Again, thanks for the link though; it's just not what I'm asking about is all.

    Edit: I tried to link directly to the comment, but links vs. rep, you know how it goes.

  • Although I'm not sure that Ashley has stated it, but I feel like this is a limitation of whatever he's using to make C2 and is something that would be easier for him to do in Construct 3.

  • That's a scary statement for many reasons, but I assume that to mean that you never found an accessible way to modify the skins? If that's the case, then I would just like to hopefully hear something official regarding it, so I know whether to fill out a feature request, continue tinkering, etc.

    Also, if it's a matter of effort bandwidth to tune the skins, Ashley & Tom, I would be more than willing to volunteer some time to the cause (it is what I do for a living after all).

    Anyway, thanks for the response , and I hope we can solve our seemingly mutual problem in the coming days.

  • The app themes are hard-coded in to our UI library. Since writing a new theme involves getting your hands dirty with C++ code and (as far as I am aware) static linking with the Construct 2 build, we're not really prepared to support any more custom app themes.

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  • Thanks, Ashley! That's just what I needed to know.

    Well, then my 2¢ are out for either darkening the windows referenced above, or for opening up the skinning process; whichever comes first.

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