What is C2 structure?

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  • What exactly is C2 design structure. The C2 output a javascript game. is the C2 internal project structure in javascript blocks and then put together?

    Or is the C2 project not JS at all, but instead some other structure.

    If the plugins were remade could it export java, C++, Python based games?

  • That answered everything but one question.

    Where do I start on creating an exporter. What is the first file loaded for putting it together. How and what does C2 start with and loads up?

    "However, one of our long term plans is the possibility of releasing an Exporter Development Kit (EDK) in the long term future. (I must emphasise that's the long term future - please don't get too excited just yet!) This would open up Construct 2 to having third party developers writing exporters for Construct 2. Enterprising developers could even make a business of writing, and separately selling, their exporters, and it means you get to run your games on even more platforms. However, it's a big and complicated thing to co-ordinate, so it's just part of our distant-future plans right now."

    sigh, asking questions only makes life more painful :D It's going to be a very long wait :(

    thanks for the link :)

  • That's a pretty old blog post and our plans have changed - we're most likely not going to provide an EDK.

    If you want to learn more about C2's internal structure, browsing the XML files in a folder project is a good place to start.

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  • oh, so there won't be other exporters some day :( or is that when time and staff permit Scirra will be doing he exporters internally?

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