Is the way C2 stores images separately inefficient

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  • I've just been importing some spritesheets into C2 from another project, and I've noticed that C2 is separating out all the spritesheets into separate PNG files. It started to make me wonder if this was more or less efficient?

    Obviously the sprites I'm using were bundled all onto one single spritesheet in the first place must have been for efficiency, so it seems counterproductive for C2 to then split them all up again.

    I've no criticisms of how C2 does it. Purely wondering, that's all!

  • Actually, C2 is one of the (if not THE) most efficient tools you'll find. And additionally it is also extremely convenient. For example. while working on your project, you have separate png for each frame. Correcting something on one of these frames is so easy this way, that I would call it efficient.

    The rest of your question is answered in detail here (read step 2)

    You see, C2 really tries to be convenient and efficient at the same time <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • It's just for the editor. When you export it again, it will recombine them in to memory-efficient sprite sheets amongst other optimisations.

  • Cheers guys :-)

  • Actually I've got a question related to this. I'm using tiles of 32x32 in my layout. Which means quite a lot of tiles - I haven't counted them but there'll be hundreds. Some of the free assets I'm using have object like building split up into many separate tiles which I have to place one by one. Is this more or less efficient that grouping the tiles together in Photoshop and them importing as one object?

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