make C2 SSD friendly?

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  • As you may know, SSD disks wear out. Mine are rated to writing 40GB a day for 5 years before failure. When you add up your browser cache, system cache, VMs, and IDE file changes and compilation (e.g. C2), you reach that 40GB pretty quickly.

    So the answer is to move as much as possible off the SSD onto ramdisk.

    The question is are there any temp files which C2 writes, e.g. when you save, or when you hit the Run Layout button, which we can redrected to the ramdisk? E.g. by changing registry settings, or creating directory links?

    Many Thanks.

  • If you've been making C2 games for 5 years and still haven't earned enough from them to buy an SSD hard disk, then you're doing it wrong!

    Anyway, why not just put it on a normal hard disk? It's not like C2 has any loading times

  • Xionor

    I think its a valid question. Where does he say he cant afford one?

  • I have two SSDs in my laptop, the Crucial M4 256GB mSATA for windows, and a Crucial M4 512GB for data. I just dont want them to fail after only a few years through excessive and hopefully avoidable IDE temp files etc. ive moved the chrome cache into ramdisk at least.

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  • I have the m4 as well.

    Reaching 40GB rewrite in a single day is quite a feat for you to worry about that.

    Also since I assume your laptop is of a newer make/model, the other parts on your laptop should failing long before your SSD drive starts giving you trouble.

  • When you start making games with lots of content, there are loading times when previewing. If using a RAM disk option would improve them, I think it's a good idea.

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