Is C2 too slow to make a proper Arkanoid clone?

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  • When the ball bounces fast between 2 bricks that require more than 1 hit to be destroyed, the game can't keep up and the bricks just stay on screen. The bricks are members of the "bricks" family wich has an instance variable "hits" that subtracts 1 every time the ball collides with it. Hopefully I'm doing something wrong or it would mean that hardware from 1986 outperforms C2

    Any insight, tips and so on would be great!


  • Post your test capx so we can see what you're doing.

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  • Here's a screenshot of the fix:

    This way, the bricks' deaths are triggered by the collision. I also changed your greater than or equal to to just greater than. You might want it differently, but this way, they die if they're hit and have 1 health left.

  • Thanks for taking the time to help! Made the changes and they work great! What was my error here? (so I can learn and avoid similar misstakes in the future)

    I know that I rarely use else statements.. might be something I need to look into more often

    Thanks again!

  • Oh yeah, one more thing, you don't need to use dt in "wait X seconds" events. Just put in 3--it already takes dt into account.

    I've just found that it isn't stunningly reliable to trigger things once off of variable changes. It seemed to always work before, so I'm actually not sure why that didn't work. I just knew that On collision stuff always works unless there's a framerate hiccup. I decided to just put it all under one action and let it decide from there what to do with the objects instead of doing stuff after the fact. Changing the > or = to just > also made things simpler in logic to me. Then you can just set them to "1 hit" and it'll die when you hit it. Then you don't need to worry about the 0 variable anyways.

  • Ok that's some valueable info, thanks!

    Had a look at your Courier game, looks to be great and congrats on the steam greenlight.

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