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  • Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the purchase of C2.

    Currently I have been trying out C2 Free edition in Steam, and I am planning of making the purchase to the personal edition right now. I was thinking of taking the opportunity sale of Steam to buy it but I have heard that C2 in Steam is very unstable and its way better to buy it from the site (here).

    My question is, is this true?

    And a little outside of the spectre of the previous question, if I buy it from Steam,can I use the license outside of Steam? For example buying it from Steam, but installing it outside of it by downloading it from the Site.

    I dont know if this is a taboo subject and forgive me please if it is, I am just trying to make the best purchase. :((

  • If you buy it on Steam, the license is tied to your account so you need to install Steam if you want to get it, no matter on what PC you are.

    I think this is true for all software there, but I'm not sure..

    The Steam version has some bugs related to the steam API I think, and yeah, it has some problems with crashes and all. I'd advise buying the version on the site, sometimes there are sales here too (wonder why isn't there a xmas sale or anything though..)

  • I had the same question: http://www.scirra.com/forum/questions-about-purchasing-construct-2-personal_topic76654.html

    A big downside (at least for me) for the Steam version is that you can open only one instance of C2 at the same time.

    If you can, I would strongly recommend to go the extra mile and buy it from Scirra website.

    If you are low on $ or don't want to invest too much at start, you can go for the Steam version (33% off is pretty nice). The extra 40$ you can use to buy Spriter (2D animation software that can be integrated in C2 and costs only 25$ until it reaches V1.0)

    Good luck <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Save yourself some hassle and buy direct from scirra.

  • I love Steam. But i would never in any consideration buy tools on Steam.

    I like portable, I like not having steam as a front end, I like having multiple instances of the programming running.

    Steam is for Games don't use Steam for creation tools. The extra price is worth it.

  • Well, I can tell you that I bought the Steam version compulsively today, and just found out that it's already 3 versions behind the site version. Plus, as people already said, it's tied to my account so I can't open it without Steam... and should my internet ever go out, that means I can't open it at all (Steam requires an internet connection to log in).

    Lesson learned!

    Correction. The Steam version is up to day. It seems one of the files I tried to open was from the BETA which gave me the warning that my version was too old. ;D

  • I found the starter version less stable on Steam (about 6-8 months ago) so I bought the direct version from Scirra.

    I'm a big fan of Steam for games but as jayderyu mentioned, you're better off with separate tools, plus that supports Scirra more and they really do deserve our support.

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  • Site, but steam has sometimes cheaper offers

  • I recommend buying from the Scirra website, even though Steam might be having a sale, just to avoid headaches later when certain things are not working strictly because you are using the steam version.

    Correction. The Steam version is up to day. It seems one of the files I tried to open was from the BETA which gave me the warning that my version was too old. ;D

    Are you able to use the Beta version if you wanted to? I'm not sure how that would work with Steam.

  • Are you able to use the Beta version if you wanted to? I'm not sure how that would work with Steam.

    Yes you can use the beta versions, you have to enable the beta participate with steam - which will install steam beta version (comes with bugs). Then you can enable construct 2 beta.

  • Well, I did buy a version on Steam. It was 75% cheaper for me, considering the conversion of dollar to real.

    And honestly? It works absolutely fine. Contrary to what was said here, you CAN open more then one instance of the program at a time and you CAN run it even offline (that's why Steam has a offline mode).

    I haven't tried yet because I don't need it, but I'm pretty sure you can put steam + construct 2 in a pen drive. But I'm not sure.

    No crashes, no lag, nothing. If you use Steam already and Steam hasn't caused any problems in your computer, I would recommend buying in Steam. I honestly think they offer a good software and you should not be afraid.

  • I bought it on Steam and I do have issues with crashes etc. It's better now than it was, but I kind of wish I had purchased it directly as a standalone application.

  • Try the free version on Steam and see if that runs OK for you.

    Try open more than one instance at a time, running offline and on a pen drive. You can try it with the free version there.

    If there are no crashes/issues, then upgrade it.

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