Does C2 have a scripting API?

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  • I like Construct 2, but I don't like having to use my mouse to program. Is there an official or unofficial scripting API that I can use? It would be better if the API supported a popular language like Java or C.

    I tried googling first, but the internet is crawling with the words "script" and "api" so no luck there.

    Thank you for your time!

  • The visual event sheets of C2 are the principle way to code logic. You could use the plugin sdk and use JavaScript but it's not really a replacement for events.

    You also can run snippets of js with the browser plugin but it has no access to the rest of c2.

    The request to use scripting instead of events has been made before, and it won't be added.

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  • The feeling of being limited by the event system does fade after you become more proficient with it. I remember feeling confined, but in the last few games, it never even occurred to me.

  • As far as games go, there really isn't any actual limitations in C2. It can be used just like any other engine, you just gotta know how to use the program, and a good bit of knowledge about actual programming goes a long way. From my experience programming in C++ in HTML5, the two are almost right by each other, C++ because of it's potential, and HTML5 because of it's ease. Construct 2 almost has full implementation of most things you'll ever want to do with Javascript, and only a few plugins and behaviors really increase it's potential as a program (Q3D and Canvas/Pastor being some of those few). Learn how to use it, trust me you'll be glad ya did.

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