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  • Sometimes when I'm done working I save backups, I used to do this everyday, I work on my .caproj and at the end of the day I save a .capx just in case.

    But sometimes I only save my .capx and forget to save the .caproj, so the next day I open the .caproj and start working on it unaware that I'm modifying a version of my project that is not up-to-date.

    It would be nice that C2 saved the .capx as independent files and that it let you keep working on your .caproj, because what it does is that once you save your project as .capx, from that point on you're no longer working on the .caproj, but on the .capx, so any new updates will be recorded on the .capx and to go back to working on the .caproj you have to close the current work and open the .caproj again.

    I just find that a bit annoying, I hope I'm not the only one :S maybe I'm missing something.

  • Well, that is how file systems works, and I think it should stay like that.

    But there is already a way to do it like you want it to be!

    You can use the backup system inside Construct, that saves a capx file at a given place, at a given time, without swapping you over to the backup file.

  • Alternatively, when you're finished working, just drag a copy of your project into a dropbox folder and you then have a backup in the cloud.

  • I always found confusing saving capx and caproj, and end up saving the two.

    It would be better to unify the saving mechanism, and have one to be "on demand", like making .caproj the default save and having a save capx for distribution when the user specifically needs it.

    Or just leave it as it is. :D

  • There's no need to save a .caproj to .capx files as backups manually if you enable automatic backup in Preferences.

  • I have it enabled, but I find it very annoying, I had it configured to backup every day, now it's every two days, but when it backs up my stuff it takes forever (almost 5 minutes at least, I think it actually takes more...) and there is no way to cancel it, backing up manually I take less than a minute to save a .capx :S, why is that, by the way?. Also there should be a way to cancel the back up process in case you're in a hurry or something, it would definitely come in handy.

  • maybe just implement a "Save Copy As..." that way you could save it to capx but it wouldnt change current project your workin on

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  • Yup, exactly, that would be just great :D

  • Wow, 5 minutes? I?m working on some projects with almost 100 events and lots of animation and it doesn?t take nearly that long. o.o

    How big is your project? Maybe C2 is having difficulties handling your project and there?s space for optimization. ;]

  • Well :P my project, as of now, has 955 events and an approx. size of 25.6mb... XD but still, it only takes that long when it backs up automatically.

    EDIT: Oh, and btw, it would be great if you wanted to check it out and gave us some feedback :P

    Thanks in advance if you do :D

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