C2 "vs" Flash Safety

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  • Yes, yes.. I should know better then creating a VS topic.

    I am also getting a eerie feeling of deja vu here!

    But anyhow <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Before I had any programming understanding, I liked some Flash Games, I downloaded then via the source code.

    I opened them with a swf decompiler, and had the game files.

    While C2, like all js can be read directly inside the browser. I only found stuff like this: "images/hansblaster-sheet0.png".

    And while the Images are very easy to get, I can't imagine C2 code to be decompiled into anything as readable as decompiled flash files.


    Can I change the name of the image folder AND the name of the images into something less obvious? 1_xs.js/dafdfgsdsdf.png ?

    I would just have to change the c2runtime.js right?

  • Not much point in changing it as the browser still needs to send a request to get the images in the first place. :)

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  • The offline cache file lists all files, and Chrome developer tools shows you all the images as well, so there's not much to gain by renaming image files.

  • Does the exe do the same? I don't have one right now, but I do not remember seeing the files anywhere.

  • Yeah, but renaming would make it less obvious what file is what haha ^^ Thx though, agreeing on the other part though?

  • Also, flash is not secure, you can decompile is with easy =\

  • In Awesomium it just backs all the files in to one big binary. If you had the right tool it would be easy to get the images out as well. It's impossible to make 100% secure protection - it's not really worth worrying about. If someone rips off your sprite, go after them or their host with a copyright infringement claim. That's more effective than trying to come up with some super secure encryption, which is typically impossible to achieve.

  • Yeah, I know it is impossible to make a 100% protection. Huge games have been cracked open before. I'm not worried at all, just out of curiosity. The Awesomium way is much more elegant though, I must say.

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