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  • Ok, so I've been trying to get my app on the Chrome Web store. Today I added in the IAP plugin to see if it'll work with Google Wallet and allow me to turn it into a freemium. However, I came to a screeching halt after I uploaded it with the IAP. My app, which is only published privately, is being held for review... several days worth according to Google.

    Here's the reasons they claim they're holding my app.

    • The item may have an NPAPI plugin, which requires a signed agreement from you. Check your email account associated with the item for an agreement notification from our abuse team.
    • The item is suspected to contain or to be distributed by malware or unwanted software.
    • The item is suspected to violate one of the developer program policies.
    • The item may have already been previously removed for a legal or policy violation, and has been resubmitted.

    Ok, so as far as I know there is no malware. I don't think I'm violating any policy and it hasn't been previously removed. So that leaves the NPAPI thing.

    One thing I noticed, starting today, whenever I export the project (Chrome Web Store export) I'm now getting Amazon-Web-App-API.min.js and tizen-iap.js files in the export folder. These weren't exported in the past and I can only assume it has to do with the IAP plugin.

    So, while I'm now waiting... days... for my project to be reviewed, perhaps someone has some insight as to why.

  • It is absolutely not an NPAPI plugin. Construct 2 does not use plugins at all (the whole point is it being HTML5 without needing plugins). So maybe their malware detection falsely triggered, or they think you're violating some policy.

  • Thanks Ashley, that was my question. Good to know.

    Now, to figure out what I did that caused me to get flagged. The only file operations I'm doing is saving vars and .json files to local storage. I did just notice that I had the file chooser plugin in the list of objects but wasn't using it. It'll be interesting to see what Google has to say. I'll let you know what they tell me.

  • I didn't know Google wallet worked with Iap.

  • I dunno that it does either. I'm hoping so. I did read in in the release notes for r169 that Ashley had included support for Google Wallet. Here's a quote from the r169 changelog "IAP plugin: experimental support for Chrome Web Store purchases using Google Wallet. Let us know if it works for you."

    I have looked through the forums and can't find any solid proof that it does or doesn't work so, I thought I'd try and hope for the best. It seems now that I'll have to wait a few days to find out though.

  • Ashley, Ok, so today Google decided to allow me to publish my Chrome Web app without fanfare or reason. But:

    1. I got one chance to run it and the IAP isStoreAvailable came back false. I had test mode turned on so I decided to turn it off and upload another version.

    2. At which point, my app got flagged yet again for 'review' and now I'll be waiting another 24 hours or so to see if that works.

    If this is the kind of experience I can expect... I'm not pleased.

    How exactly does IAP determine which store I'm trying to get info from? Is it via the export?

  • Google moves at the speed of wtf:

    https://support.google.com/payments/mer ... 7573?hl=en

  • Yea, I've seen Google come out with so many new, flashy, must have things... only to completely ax them a month later. Thanks for looking this up but from what I'm reading, this only affects people who were selling directly from their website. If I had my choice, and had an easy way to do it, I've been using PayPal's IPN to register my shareware for years without issue and would continue to do so with C2. Right now though, I can't get the Ajax plugin to contact a .php file on my server so verifying registrations is out.

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  • Its looking like only one time payments are available. Anything else pointing at Wallets may set off the warnings.

    So Ashley will probably have to take out any Google Wallet reference anyway.

    I'm just wondering what those "alternative payment solutions" are.

    Your choices for in game web ads are dip, and squat as well.

  • Ashley, Google finally approved another upload of my app, one with testing turned off, and is app store available still comes back false.

    I manged to get another upload in. I removed the isstoreavailable and went straight to purchase. clicking on the button did nothing. So, either I'm doing something wrong or it's not working.

  • Hmm, it wouldn't surprise me if Google changed the IAP support since we added it. I don't think it ever got any real testing anyway. I'll see if I can review it for the next build.

  • Ashley, Thanks. I'll leave this up but unpublished and check the next beta.

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