C2 project file disappeared!

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  • I was just working on my project and the usual autosave action occurred.

    As i was waiting for the autosave to finish, C2 stopped responding. I didn't worry much as C2 has crashed before , and i usually just close C2 via task managaer and re-open it.

    But this time C2 closed itself and the project file disappeared from my desktop.

    The autosave and backup files were the only files of the project that remained.

    I had to open the back up file and upon pressing save in that, a new backup file was created with a .capx.capx extension (project name.capx.capx). Double .capx?

    I don't know what has happened, i can't locate the usual project file. Searching in windows says the shortcut has been moved or deleted.

    Anyone can help me here?.

  • happened to me once before. If C2 crashes while you're saving your file is gone. Only option you have then is to open the backup file and hope that its not too old. The "capx.capx" seems like a naming think. you should be able to change it to XY.capx.

    and yes, all i can say is, always keep a daily back up copy in dropbox or something.

    I hope you didnt loose too much process

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  • Allchix

    I didn't lose anything luckily. I just deleted a sprite frame before the crash happened. I usually backup to my external HD.

    I thought i'd rename the backup file by deleting it's .capx extension in properties as project files don't have the .capx part. But i couldn't , i was given an alert saying that the file with the name already exists. The file which just disappeared exists!, but where?!. Lol

    Thanks for the info anyways.

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