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  • Hi Guys...

    I'm sorry, that i have to post this but as many of you may have noticed in recent times we got a lot of Threads about Performance Issued in C2 or NW.js or whatever the cause is.

    Let me say this: i really like C2, it's about the only Gamemaking Tool that made me realize a small Game as a total programming ignorant. I mean, i had some experience in Actionscript 2 but that was about it...

    Anyways the point of me posting is, that i kinda got unsettled if i should go ahead using C2 for my next project, which is going to be bigger and the fullfillment of a lifelong dream. It's going to be a Sidescrolling Adventure Game, kinda like The Cat Lady (

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    ). Even though i'm still by no means an expert of the software, i'm confident of how to approach the kind of mechanics i'm looking for and don't really see any other Engine that would give me that with the same ease of use. Maybe to make something clear: i mainly target Desktop Platforms (Win, Mac, Linux would be nice too), and am not interested in doing Mobile (yet). Now, i know you must get tired of these kind of posts so i apologize and i IN NO WAY mean any disrespect towards Scirra, i think they're doing an amazing Job. I tried a lot of Engines and each and everyone of them has their own share of pro's and con's. But C2 enables me to realize my passion and actually call myself a Game Developer (in the making) so i'm forever grateful of that.

    There's just this insecurity, if for my particular Project C2 is the right way to go. I looked at Adventure specific Engines but since i'm not planning a traditional P&C Game, they're often too limiting or too outdated and require a lot of Effort to bend into something that kind of resembles what i am planning. With Construct i had my Character walking around my first Screen in a matter of Minutes and don't get me started on how easy it is to add effects and how modern the Interface feels. I'm not going to lie, i looked at other Software too that is similiar to Construct (Fusion to be exact), because i met with a Guy who did another Game with mechanics similiar to what i want to do which runs very smoothly on Windows called Silence of the Sleep and he is now working on a Game called The Human Gallery (even though it's made with the Engine of the Competition, definitely check it out, it looks amazing which is of course due to the Talent of the Developer). So, i dabbled around in it too but to me the User Experience is just not the same, maybe because i already invested so many hours learning Construct.

    Sorry for my ramblings, i get to the point: i just feel kind of frustrated because i finally want to get started on my Game but am almost paralyzed because of all the Horror Stories i'm reading about exporting so i just wanted to hear your opinions if i should stop worrying and love the bomb or if there's a serious possibility, that my Game might not be playable in the End? Mind you, it will probably take me years to complete it, which i'm willing and excited to devote (i spent years making a feature film too, so i'm kind of used to committing to "bigger" things).

    I hope i don't offend anybody and please don't get me wrong, i like Construct a lot and i never had any difficulties with it but now that i want to take the next step i guess i just need some reassurance <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Thanks a lot!

  • Aside from some weird occasional fps drops when going to full screen, nwjs works perfectly fine for me.

    Chrome like Google is your best friend, that occasionally goes off on some strange bender.

    You know you can trust it with your money, but there is no way you would with your kids.

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  • The performance complaints are overblown, most users would be hard pressed to get better performance coding directly in javascript. C2 works well if your reasonable and understand the performance on desktops is good but mobiles are still pretty terrible with javascript and youll have to make much simpler/lower resolution games on mobile.

  • I know what you're coming from because i was in your very same situation nearly 2 years ago. I'm working on a huge project, which is not even a game to be honest, it's an eco-system sim, like the old simlife, but with a survival simulation built-in, with ridiculous complex survival mechanics (stuff like proteins in your blood, liquid lost by sweating and so on). The game needs to track thousand objects on a huge single map (that can be resized at new game) as well as the character variables (at least 50 object variables...). Recently, with the big V-sync issues coming from Chrome, the game used to jerk sometimes, but the situation is getting better and better at every new version, and it is now nearly ABSENT in NW.js (as latest alpha 12), and i suspect it will get even better. The game runs just fine on my low-mid PC.

    Also, i want to point out C2 is truly a freaking awesome piece of software: devving with it is like a hot knife cutting butter, and me and my team wouldn't be able to work on our dream-game without it, even with high programming skills and Unity.

    So, by all means go on!

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