C2 should have a new plugin for puzzle games

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  • In my experience, the development of puzzle game using C2 was not as flexible or friendly for mobile depending on the number of collisions. It affects poor performance.

    This suggestion is very important to people think to use puzzle genre with C2, as currently is not advisable until Scirra should have a new official plugin.

    C2 and is good for making platforms, action, RTS, physical, adventure, special effects, etc.. but the puzzles are another story.

    The idea of ??plugin is not using the collisions so maintains good performance for many instances in mobiles. Also applies Grid movements and other options are necessary.

    This is a suggestion, please consider this suggestion would be useful to meet the needs of all users of C2.


  • I very much doubt bejeweled used collision. More than likely games like Bejeweled used col/row move to based animation. Then added delays when blocks fell. thus mimicking the appearance of collision based blocks.

    I've played block based puzzle games on no more than a mobile cpu that had a mhz speed of 60. There is no way even simple simulated physics were ever used.

    however, I agree that adding a falling block puzzle template would be a good idea.

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  • jayderyu

    Bejeweled doesn't use collision, use grid coordinates, it depends the logic, if the coordenates like A7, B4, C5 are empty as are destroyed, it generates blocks with push animation to move another coordenate.

    It's designed for performance without collisions if the instances are more than 50 in one layout, especially for mobiles.

  • Whats wrong with using an array? All you do is check to see if the current x +1 is of the same type, if it is check current x +2, if it is then you have just one of the many types of match types. You then do stuff to the corresponding grid coords... current xy * tile size.

  • newt

    I know but Array can affect peformance too without collision check.

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