What about C2 needs the most work?

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  • As far as I can tell, the exporter options need the most work. Every possible export method should work and I often hear of people having trouble with many of the options. For example, the google chrome web store export seems broken now. On the tutorial pages, I see many people commenting that the options no longer work, that the old way doesn't do it anymore. Seems that more energy should be put into keeping all of these up to date and working. Just a suggestion. Also, I've chosen to export to mobile with cocoon.io and I feel like more effort should be put into streamlining the process for folks who want to do that. There are lots of utilities to use in cocoon but currently, one has to activate and put them in manually because the vanilla cordova export doesn't reference any of them. I love using Construct and the frequent updates are great. I still feel like I've made the right choice in using it to make my games, I just want it to stay viable and it seems like, with a little work on the software side, lots of unnecessary work can be saved on the user side.

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