C2 on a mobile device

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  • Has anyone made a C2 game and put it on the android market or iTunes?

    I'm just wondering if it is possible. My game is pretty simple. No physics, no platform, pretty much just the 8way control and solid walls. It runs about 3-4% of my computers cpu, and gets 60fps easily. On mobile devices it is a problem. iphone3 crashes right away, iphone4 and single cpu android load it up but run at less then 1fps. I haven't tried iphone4s or dual cpu driod yet, but can't see it getting much better.

  • Im making a mobile game, Just tested it on device, Im getting 50-60 FPS with audio working. I am using AppMobi. Havn't tried phonegap yet.

  • Have you tried iOS 5? There's a huge speed increase for HTML5 on it.

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  • That might be why im getting such a good FPS, im running IOS5.

  • Yes both iphones are running ios5. Smitchell when you run your game in C2 preview, how much RAM does it use, and how much of your cpu?

  • Im not sure, how do I find out?

    The game is pretty intensive, Over 200 events on the sheet that handles the game logic, some pretty particles and a array constantly doing some maths. Its a puzzle based game.

  • First open your task manager. When you launch the preview you will see the explorer.exe open under the processes tab. you can see the cpu % and memory usage there.

    Use internet explorer for the preview(firefox does something weird with the ram).

  • Oh I knew how to do it on the PC i thought you meant on my iphone.

    And by the way 'explorer.exe' is not what you think unless your using InternetExplorer. For me explorer.exe is my task bar on the bottom of the screen.

    the memory was 76, 800K and CPU was 00

  • In internet explorer I was getting around 22FPS, 49% cpu and 19000K

  • How are you getting 50-60fps on your phone and only 22fps on your desktop?

    (Sorry I meant iexplore.exe). What kind of cpu do you have? I have a i7-2600 and it only uses 3% of the cpu to run, but I'm using way more RAM 110000k

  • Baffles me aswell! The lowest fps. Get on my phone is 40 but that's only when not all the particles get destroyed. But it doesnt matter because it's the end of the level.

    How much mb does it say your project is? Look at the bottom bar within construct 2

  • Lowest fps I get on my phone*** damn auto correct

  • 98MB with 810 events

  • what about yours?

  • Bert, could you share the game so the rest of us can investigate possible performance issues?

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