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  • I have used Clickteam products for years, but when I needed to make some HTML5 prototypes recently I purchased a copy of Construct 2 and I haven't looked back. It's an awesome tool and I keep finding new features that just make me shake my head in wonder. "I didn't know C2 could do THAT!"

    I'm a professional game designer and a big part of my job is prototyping new game concepts and features. I'm about to start on a new project this morning and I would LOVE to use Construct 2 but there is a Clickteam feature (and an even nicer implementation of the feature in GameMaker Studio) that I use all the time but I don't think C2 has anything like it. Specifically, I'm talking about paths.

    I need the ability to draw a path on the screen and then have my object follow that path with a simple line of code. Is there a workaround? Is there a Construct 2 feature I'm missing that would make this easier? How do YOU make objects follow complicated paths? How would you make a Zuma-style game in C2?

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  • I think this is what you're looking for.

    The power if C2 is that allows custom plugins, so the community here offer a lot of good stuff, or if you know how to code you can make your own.

  • Try these plugins:



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