C2 iOS/Android Support Bad Right Now?

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  • Saw this comment in a couple of threads and I'm concerned. Been working hard on a game for iOS and now it seems C2 is having issue with iOS? Is this only until the latest CocoonJS launcher comes out?

    What's the story?

  • I want to know too. What are main advantages/disadvantages of CocoonJS for iOS and Ejecta for iOS?

  • I want to know too. What are main advantages/disadvantages of CocoonJS for iOS and Ejecta for iOS?

    How would Ejecta for iOS work with C2? Export our game to HTML5 and then load it in Ejecta and compile?

  • Well from what I understood, Cocoon does not support layout-by-layout loading. This means when your game starts, Cocoon will load all the sprites in memory, project-wide, regardless of which layout is being displayed. If you have a small game with two or three layouts, this should not be a big deal. If your game contains many layouts with many different assets, this is more of problem as it will load everything in the RAM, quickly reaching the phone's memory limit if you happen to use big images. Iphone "only" has 512mb of RAM, lots of which is already used by the OS and other process running in background. So if you happen to have over 200mb of images in your game loading at the same time, you're in trouble. Some people said their game won't load at all for that reason.

    I have read there are problems with some sounds not playing too.

    The big issue is that people of Cocoon don't seem to be in a hurry to fix those problems. Instead they prefer to add new features. Again, this is based on what I could read on this forum.

  • Until Ludie smooths out CJS, focus on Ejecta.

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  • the problem is that ios seems to have alternatives like ejecta...for me who im interesting for android cause i dont have the $$$ to buy an iphone and test the game in it properly?


    -nothing!!!yes i know...

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  • there's talk about Game Closure too

  • I am developing a decent game for mobile platforms and runs quite good (50-60 fps)on LG Optimus 2X (Android/CocoonJS) and Nokia Lumia 520 (WindowsPhone8/InternetExprorer10). It runs decent (20-25 fps) even on Nokia Lumia 800 (WindowsPhone7.5/InternetExprorer9).

    I tried it on some LowEnd Android phones and I still get over 40 fps.

    At the moment I only have Main_Menu, Debug_Level and GameOver_Screen. Hope It will not slow down so much after adding 30-50 levels <img src="smileys/smiley24.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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