C2 Hangs on saving

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  • Well, yesterday after my failed 'save' experience, I ran into a new issue. (I am not running any file cleaners or other hard drive utilities).

    This time, I saved and C2 hung with the 'Saving' dialog box running perpetually. I had to use Task Manager to terminate the program. It shows 'Saving auto-backup file...' in the bottom -- this is a shot of my 'crash'....

    There are clearly problems with C2 in the saving and backup features. ... Thankfully, after yesterday's experience, I have good backup system.

    ... What will tomorrow bring?

  • I have had save take a long time and stutter from time to time.

    When this happens, what does task manager say? how much resources is your cpu, ram, and HDD using?

    Is it a big project?

    Have you let it "hang" for awhile? I have had times where it "hangs" during a save so I walk away and when I come back it is saved and back to normal.

  • Thanks for checking, I walked away for about 10 minutes, then killed it... it's a small project. I have good backup systems, multiple copies now in place. I've moved on...

  • This has come up a couple of times and I had it a while ago. Do you, by chance, happen to have a Microsoft Office file saved and open in the root folder of the project (or sub-folder)?

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  • No MS office, but I use Sublime2 for text edits, which I have used on files in the same directory folder that may have been opened ... I have actually moved to a separate folder now, but this is very crazy. Whatever may be causing the trouble, I wish C2 was a little more graceful in handling the problem.

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