Can C2 handle the async issue of the new localstorage auto?

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  • Yes I know the new localstorage is suppose to be this awesome thing but the way it works reminded me of implementing listeners for certain events in Flash and having to write another piece of code to catch the trigger.

    It is having to write *double codes* like this that makes me stop using flash to develop games in the first place.

    WebStorage, no matter how it is *supposed* to be outdated is awesome, because you access its property via one line of code and it makes for really clean codes.

    Yes, we know the new AWESOME LocalStorage is parallel processed and all those wows, but can't construct 2 handle the back end bull crap for us ?

    We don't have to *know* it is async, why can't we just access its value in one line and construct 2 behind the scene will execute that code when the loading or whatever fancy bull crap it does in the backend is complete ?

    We don't have to know how the car cylinder system works, we just push on the pedal.

    The golden age of Flash was when it was easy to execute basic stuff in code until Actionscript three demand event listener and triggers, then comes boiler code hell and all those bull crap that makes people wonder why we are using that if it is going to be such a pain in the first place.

    Can construct 2 avoid going down this path ?

    [PS: Can you imagine if Construct 2 have detect overlapping but we have to create our own on collision event to detect the overlapping only once ? Can you imagine having to manually wait for a *trigger* to let us know that certain assets have been fully loaded or having their memory resource cleared and all those amazing clean up that construct 2 does in the back ground that makes construct 2 such a joy to use in the first place ? Now we are suppose to be *ok* that a simple webstorage system we have that all the settings and retrieving of data in one line of code now require an asking and then later on a trigger to get the answer ? Why is this ok suddenly ? Yes yes I know it is *fancy* and *the future* and all but it is cumbersome and can construct 2 handle this in the background ?]

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