C2 it is a good solution for interactive touch app

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  • Dear all,

    I'm a (ex)Adobe Director user and would like to change to a new universal dev solution. I'm searching a good and stable solution to develop apps (not specifically games) like:

    • Kiosk (touch screen)
    • interactive Catalog
    • interactive eBook
    • Autonomous .exe app
    • Shorts HTML5 animations for web (to replace Flash)

    C2 it is a good solution for interactive touch app?

    Also, it is really easy to "push" C2 projects to app store?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


  • Yes, it is a fantastic solution - very easy to learn and use.

    I am currently using it to make a web based scheduling system for a customer, and I am simply amazed at what it can do.

    It doesn't do vector based animation or have a time line the way flash does. It also wont make stand alone .exe files, but it is great at everything else on your list - and the rate at which it is growing and improving is incredible.

    I would highly recommend it.

  • It also wont make stand alone .exe files......

    Actually, it does. That's what the node-webkit export option is, and creates stand-alones for win32, mac and Linux.

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  • Thanks you!

    Great news!

    And about to deploy app under the Apple app'store, easy or not? PhoneGap is the good way I suppose...

  • Just be aware - I had problems with PhoneGap cloud compilation not running on ios 7 on iphone 5s (IIRC). I had no way to test this before trying to deploy. Cocoonjs should work for you as an alternative.

  • The FPS for Phonegap doesn't make the cut. Use CocoonJS, it's cloud compilation makes it easy to deploy to multiple platforms.

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