C2 and GameMaker8 - pros and cons

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  • Construct 2 is genius. Mark Overmars, original developer of Game Maker messed up when he gave over most rights to YoYogames. YoYogames is all about the dollars and how much they can put in there pockets then the community they serve. Ive only had Construct 2 about a week, and have had two updates so far.

    Ive been around Game Maker since its 5.0 days, its true its easy to make a game and I love the save to executable option. Other than that now YoYo wants you to pay 99$ for an HTML5 option? Are they crazy?

    I also own and work with the AGK (App Game Kit) This is genius tool, and has many great options and features. Still? Stick with Construct 2, its way to easy and user friendly not too. Why program from scratch when you can just use Construct 2?

    Now as a quick note. Lets go over Click Teams Multimedia Fusion 2. Which I also own. Pay 101$ for there engine. Great engine, easy to use and very powerful. Then let's pay 119$ for iOS export. Then lets pay 58$ for flash support.

    So..Contruct 2 is the way to go here. I'm just sorry I haven't found it until now. Work smarter, not harder...Use Construct 2

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  • : for fonts, you can use the webfont plugin.

    Your plugin is promising , but it's unusable for me right now :|. Not a problem on your side of course, but the loading method. I've been trying to find a solution for fonts for C2 and failing till now. The best way seems to be bitmap fonts, since they would work in canvas and webgl, at least in theory. But i couldn't find a way to auto generate them instead of needing to make them in a paint program :(

  • : I don't quite understand what you mean by "the loading method". What is your problem exactly ? If I understand it well, I can try to change that to make it work for you.

  • : I don't quite understand what you mean by "the loading method". What is your problem exactly ? If I understand it well, I can try to change that to make it work for you.

    Well i expressed myself badly. There's nothing wrong with it what i intended to say is that 1: I can only see how fonts looks ingame when exporting and uploading to a server. Ok, i know there's no way right now to make it appear on edittime and preview. And 2: In your example , the text takes too long to appear. The loading time appears to be high. And Text quality is too low, but that's a problem with canvas i know.

    Would it be possible to after loading the font ttf, render it to canvas with all the effects like shadow etc then generate an image of the canvas, and with this image render the text as in bitmap text ? All in edittime or before loading game. Appears to be impossible right now. Anyway, one thing that i found the be successful in increasing font quality is rendering a blurred shadow with size 1 behind it. But it would only serve for text with solid color fill, not gradients.

  • Hello my friend.

    To be honest, most of my games are made with GameMaker, GameMaker is

    awesome game creation tool, and of course Construct 2 is the best too

    so far in the HTML5 field, both engines have their pros and cons in

    different angels.

    For the Pros of GameMaker 8:

    1- Got GML (scripting)

    2- Room Editor

    3- Support Tilesets

    4- Support Sprite Sheet (PNG)

    5- You can Extend it (DLL/GEX)

    but for GameMaker Cons:

    1- Despite the support of Drag-Drop you still need to learn GML, which

    may not friendly for non-programer users for good functions.

    2- Screen Tearing Issue.

    3- Can't resize or rotate sprites and object images inside the room


    4- for HTML5 version, don't support WebGL (Yet)

    For Construct 2, the Pros Goes:

    1- flexible without programing for most part of features.

    2- the game programing via events style, which is very organized and

    fun to create.

    3- Can rotate and resize object sprites inside the Editor, like send

    object to front or back.

    4- Support Behaviors, like platform which can easily applied.

    5- Fast Fixes and Frequent Updates (Thanks to Scirra) for bug fixes and

    new features.

    6- Support WebGL for HTML5 (fast performance)    

    But for the Construct 2 Cons, we have:

    1- Can't Support Scripting within IDE, (although indirect you can

    use the C2 SDK).

    2- No Tilesets supported (Yet).

    3- Can't copy Layout (Yet)

    That's all so far, but one thing made C2 so unique is, you can import

    GM HTML5 sprites and tilset to the layout !!


    it's like, C2 is your second wife that don't mind to befriend with your

    first or ex-wife(GameMaker) XD (just a crazy example)

    the Both engines in my opinions are great, and if you can get them both

    i see no problem with it, but if you deciding which one suitable, just

    give them both a try and good luck <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


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