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  • Hi ppl,

    I'm about to release a game to Google Play. However I'm also thinking to rebuild it a bit and release it to Steam. Since C2 has such a great possibility to easily switch platform - why not to give it a try.

    I would like to just put trailer and some promo materials on Greenlight, but now is the question if I am allowed to use promo materials/screenshots which are dedicated to Android platform? I mean Screenshots are portrait, and on the trailer there is a smartphone and Android logo.

    I can't find anything regarding this on any terms and conditions in Greenlight. Anyone experienced in Greenlight knows if it's legal or not there?

    EDIT: I've created a topic on Steam forum as well (http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/f ... 576201802/) but the only answer I got till now is "bujj" whatever that means:D

  • I think you have the right to repost all of you creations, so I don't think you should worry. Or are you worried about the Android logo?

  • Yes I worry about Android logo and all materials which are clearly for mobiles where Steam is for desktops. I simply don't want to get banned on Steam.

  • Many games use iOS and Adroid logos on Steam as they are available on all platforms and want people to know that. So you won't get banned but if you post graphics that indicates that your game was made for the mobile market you'll get many many rude comments about it during your greenlight campaign. But if you can take it then go for it. The no votes doesn't count and when you have collected enough yes votes you'll hopefully have a game on steam

    But I strongly advice to remake the UI so it doesn't scream "mobile and touch" because that isn't popular on Steam greenlight. Just take a look at other games that are mobile ports on greenlight and you can see all the angry comments about it.

    But other than that there's no problem in giving it a go. Good luck!

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  • I suggest you create new trailer/screenshots because you risk having bad reviews (at least a report as fake greenlight project)

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with it, you see trailers at the end that just list every platform, like steam and android logo side by side.

    I would highly recommend changing it though because PC gamer's are very unforgiving on even the slightest thing. Comments like "This looks like a mobile game" is a form of derogatory slander so don't make it too easy for them.

  • Hmm... actually I planned to openly say to Greenlight community that it is a mobile game but I want to know if they would like to have a PC version. I somehow figured it out that it is a polite way to be honest...

  • Many of the greenlight community seem to consider themselves as righteous guardians to keep low quality games away from the marketplace, and they are quick to judge what they see. So if your graphics and the game play appear optimised for mobile then you'll receive many criticisms. I think MadSpy 's advice is good - show that the game is dedicated to desktop. Certainly you can talk about the game's origins from mobile, but everyone will be looking for more than a simple port of a touch game. The no votes probably don't count, but you still need yes votes and positive interest.

  • It is true that it's better to rebuild trailer etc. so it looks like for the desktop.

    But if it is not forbidden by the Steam's Terms and Conditions... I think it's worth a try just to get some feedback. If the game won't get greenlighted, I still can rebuild it and then try again right? It is also not forbidden to try again. And if with a big doze of luck it gets greenlighted then I will know where to put my priority in the upcomming weeks.

    I'm also thinking to make a second video (or even put it as a first) for Greenlight community where I explain what is going on here. That I've made a game for mobile but I got personal requests to release it on desktop and I want greenlight community feedback as well.

    I saw people were doing such a videos, like a part of video-blog with a message to the community.

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