How do the C2 fonts work on iPhone?

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  • I notice C2 can use all the fonts on your computer to fill in the Text control.

    So if I select the "Verdana" font, will that show up on the user's iPhone when the game is exported to CoccoonJS? What happens when he doesn't have that font? Are the fonts embedded inside the C2 game?

  • Fonts are based on the OS, its not embedded in your exported game. If the device does not have that font, it will default to Arial (im my own example anyway).

    Lots of users use Spritefonts for better performance as well as ensuring it displays properly on all devices.

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  • Ah, so it goes to Arial. Gotcha. thanks silver!

    i do use spritefonts for most, but i haven't found a good way to display dynamically changing scores without using the C2 Text control.

  • There's no reason you can't use SpriteFont for dynamic text. Maybe post what you have so someone can have a look.

  • rainmaker

    ..... You must have missed that SpriteFont action called "Set Text" that's in the second to last bottom grouping called "Text".

    Also when it comes to CocoonJS. CJS doesn't support DOM objects at this time. So using the TextObject will result in no text. This might be changing soon, heck maybe it has changed recently. But last i tried it wasn't working.

    To add on to this information. Placing DOM objects over a Canvas(C2 render target) will reduce the performance of your program. While desktops have enough power to over come this. it's still in the long run poor design to use a TextObject for games. Unless your games is more GUI widget based and don't need FPS.

  • Yup, just a simple textbox really mess up performance in CocoonJS.. lot of stutters whenever it pops up.

    Crosswalk seems fine with it though.

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