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  • Aurel - thanks, good to hear - but I remember at the time not many games ended up using them. I guess that was because WebGL support was a lot rarer at the time. Maybe the same is happening with multiplayer support and it just needs more time to establish itself.

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  • Maybe the same is happening with multiplayer support and it just needs more time to establish itself.

    Yep, I don't see myself finish my MP game anytime this year, but surely MP support is being used by us (at least maybe just me) everyday

  • Ashley and Aurel, I absolutely second that. 2d shaders are really easy to build and use with C2. I'd say that features like shaders and multiplayer are simply less accessible for beginners in game creation (on whom your marketing strategy seems to be focused) than, as Aurel outlined, more experienced users. Shaders are mainly of interest for artists, and there aren't many artists roaming the forums at the moment.

  • I will definitely use mp in one of my planned projects

  • Maybe a third-party system would be suitable? I feel that voting systems are not just for the dev team but for the community too, to see where their own ideas stand against others.

    TheWyrm I think Tom is busy on making the new arcade which will have support for 3rd-party plugins.

    Also, +1 for a disabling plugins feature, had an issue recently where a plugin that I required for exporting was preventing preview in browser from working, meaning I'd have to build (XDK) every iteration to test on device...

    Thankfully, it's been fixed now but for things like the previously mentioned FGL, it'd be a big help in cross-platform exporting as you only need one project instead of 2.

  • TwinTails Here is a list of third party software -> http://mashable.com/2011/03/06/user-feedback-apps/

    Anyway, it was only a suggestion. Great ideas and suggestions can often get lost in the sea of general forum noise. For instance the disabled plugin feature may not ever get seen and therefore considered by the C2 dev team. Not because it's intentional just because they are busy and may never check back here.

  • I agree with TheWyrm that it's a problem that new feature suggestions get lost in the General forums. Good ideas get lost and people will feel less encouraged to share them. I also think this creates unnecessary duplicated posts and more work for the administrators. Just like most forums or ticket systems have bug reporting, they usually have a dedicated section for feature suggestions.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I personally think a better solution would be a new forum for it, called Feature Suggestions or similar. There would be no voting, but you could estimate popularity by number of posts, and people would not have to register on a new site to post ideas.

    I think it should be a forum for brainstorming C2:s short- and long-term future, so anything goes. Of course, it's just brainstorming, so there should be no obligation for official answers. The best official posts there would probably be estimates of how big an undertaking it would be, to help people adjust their expectations.

  • Dedicated section for feature suggestions.

    I support this idea +1. Rather than ranting everytime, why not make the discussion hot right? I agree with you that a hot topic is an indicator of how impactful the features being discussed.

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