Will C2 ever be able to export to ARM devices?

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  • Not sure if this is in the right place or not, so apologies for that... but does anyone know if its possible to have an exporter written for C2 that can handle ARM devices such as the Raspberry Pi 3 and other SBC that are out there? I know Ashley has said that the Pi 3 can run WebGl but I'd just bought one and enabling the OpenGL driver that allows for WebGl in browser actually crashes the browser and there have been reports of it also breaking the OS and needing to be reflashed and started over... I'd much rather release standalone apps/games in general anyway... I love C2 and HTML5, but have zero interest in releasing to browser or mobile... Any information would be lovely

  • Its probably doable:


  • Hmm, I'll look into this!! Thanks for the link!

  • Hmm, I suspect I'm missing something, as when I attempted this, and finally tried to run my "nw" file through Linux's Terminal, I get the same "Exec format error" error that I was getting before... perhaps other can try this out too? In case I've missed something? Pretty please? lol I'll be your friend?

  • The Raspberry Pi OpenGL driver is a work-in-progress and hopefully will be working better in future. Really the problem is the OpenGL driver is unreliable, and that's not C2's fault.

  • I totally understand about the driver and wasnt blaming C2 in the slightest... I was sinply asking about the feasibility of an exporter that can build for thr RPi and other SBCs ARM architecture... As right now NWs x86 and x64 linux builds cant work... And my personal goals are to build standalone local apps, and not webhosted apps... Ive been in love with Construct since Classic, but Ive always been a bit of a side target audience given my ultimate target release platforms.

  • I'm guessing no one is familiar with exporters for ARM architecture devices or if its possible for one to be made for C2...

  • I'm sure it will happen eventually.

    At the moment the Pi is still a bit underpowered for Construct 2 projects.

  • Fair enough... makes me wish I was a far more advanced programmer though lol

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  • I could really use this as well. NW.js now runs on ARM. There are much beefier arm sbcs than the Pi coming out. Got NW.js going on one, with this: https://github.com/LeonardLaszlo/nw.js- ... s/releases

    The drivers will catch up, if they haven't already. Linux/ARM isn't going anywhere, and at this point the only choice is android (with its convoluted apk process, now that intel quit on us).

  • If you want to run something on a device with an ARM chip, you can simply use the browser. Also pretty much every iOS and Android device uses an ARM chip, so we already have broad support for ARM devices.

    However I suspect you're not really asking about that, it sounds like you just want to run on a Raspberry Pi-like device. You can still do that with the browser, but the problem is the early state of development of the OpenGL driver on the Raspberry Pi. Using a framework like NW.js, even if it can be ported to Raspberry Pi, won't magically fix that. It will be the same driver with the same problems.

  • There are benefits to running NW.js vs a browser in linux. And yes, it's for embedded stuff, running locally, having lots of fun with WebGL experiments.

  • My goal was to try and have an exported C2 game saved to a USB stick, which could be plugged into the Pi, and then write a script which reads newly connected USB devices for the game's executable and then automatically runs it. Sort of a USB Game Cartridge kinda concept... I was hoping it could be part of a Kickstarter High Pledge reward (custom pi "console" complete with game "cart")

    I've a friend with a 3D printer and thought it might be fun to do a limited run of these with custom casings and such lol

  • I think you might be better off just turning the Pi into a webserver, or even running Chrome os.

    Pretty sure there builds for that.

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