C2 crashing "unexpected resource"

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  • Hi,

    I'm getting a frustrating crash where the program locks up. Windows will not appear and occasionally a dialog with "unexpected resource" shows up. This happens a lot when I attempt to add code. Is there a crash log somewhere I could look at?

    I'm making an epic PC plat-former so My capx file is rather large 152 mb and I'm working on it as a caproj.

    download is 106 mem usage is 115. (but its for PC not the net) I have lots of sprites and am in the process of consolidating them.

    Is it just too large? (I still need to add about 100mb of content)

    Yes I know I need a sample capx to submit a bug report in the other forum, which I will provide but I was hoping to get some information first before I go through that. (if you want just take a 256 sprite and clone it about 200 hundred times and you may get the error)(update I did this and it did not crash)

    I'm using a steam personal version, can the business one handle more?

    I updated my graphics card and am using windows 10

    my pc specs are

    intel core 15-2400

    6 gb ram

    64 bit os



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  • One thing that may help is to go to File/Preferences/Misc and remove the tick from 'cache icons in editor for better performance'.

    Also, what is your GPU (type, mem size)?

  • Ok I unchecked the tick from cash, and deleted some files it is still unusually slow.

    my graphcis card


    AMD Radeon HD 7570 mem size: 1024 mb mem type: DDR3 core clock 650 mhz

  • The GPU is not good. As a comparison, the Passmark for your card is 980 whereas for my GTX 970 it's 8660.

    My guess is the GPU just can't perform well enough with what you are asking to do. Whether that's just processing grunt ot VRAM, it probably just can't cope very well.

    Have you access to any other system that you can test your project on?

  • No I can't test it on any other system. What GPU would you recommend? I mainly use Photoshop, C2, illustrator, and moderate gaming. Please be specific as I may consider buying a new one, thanks. Would this work



    PCI-Express x16


    Radeon R9 270

    Memory Size 2GB

    Memory Type GDDR5

    Core Clock 950MHz

    TDP 150 Watts

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