C2 crashes on load of (most but not all) projects

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  • Hey community members,

    I first wanted to post this in the Bug forum but then I saw that I need to include a .capx in my bug report or it is going to be deleted. The problem is, I can not include a capx file because the bug occurs on all sorts of files, even the included examples.

    The bug simply is that the C2 editor crashes when loading some kind of project. I have tried to figure out under wich circumstances this bug occurs, but I'm rather helpless and failed to figure things out. I think it would not be helpful to attach a capx, as this occurs also on the included examples, so I rather attach a gif showing the problem:

    I first thought it has to do with capx's, but also foldered projects tend to crash.

    I tried upgrading to the beta release, wich worked out first, but with r254 the problem reoccured.

    I tried reinstalling C2, it did also not help.

    The only connection that I can tie is that the more complex a project is, the more often it crashes. e.g., "multiplayer chat example" is impossible to load, while "webgl shader effects" goes fine. (see gif)

    the only other thing I guess is that it could be some kind of incompatibility issue with older versions, because projects that were created from scratch with this version tend to load fine.

    I would really apprechiate some help on this topic, I hope that it is just me who has done some stupid mistake wich brings the editor to crash, and hope it is not a bug, because it would probably mean it would take some time to fix, while C2 remains unuseble for me...

  • Hey there WieBrei,

    I'm not sure, but if reinstalling C2 didn't fix it, then it seems like the problem may lie in some external resource that C2 tries to invoke when loading certain projects.

    Even so, it may still be triggered by some aspect or content of a project. For instance, if C2 is trying to load something specific to a certain object, and some part of that process prompts C2 to do something that results in a crash.


    Are there any projects that will sometimes work and sometimes crash, or is it that specific projects consistently always work or always crash?

    Can you post a list of the projects that do open and the ones that don't?

    Multiplayer Chat - example capx

    You mentioned that the Multiplayer Chat example capx crashes.

    I made a list of all the plugins it uses:

    [Plugin: Name]

    Browser : Browser

    TextBox: ChatLog

    TextBox: ChatTextBox

    Function: Function

    Button: JoinButton

    Keyboard: Keyboard

    Text: Label

    Multiplayer: Multiplayer

    TextBox: NameTextBox

    List: PeerList

    Button: SendButton

    Text: Title

    Button: ViewTutorial

    The plugins:


    Button (Form control)



    List (Form control)



    TextBox (Form control)

    IT may be that "form controls" are somehow causing a problem. They are not HTML canvas elements, unlike most other graphical pluggins.

    Other aspects of this example:

    • It doesn't use families.
    • It does use groups, and nested groups, and nested events.
    • In properties, it's physics engine is set to "Box2D web" (the other project you said sucessfully openened used "Box2D asm.js" instead). Perhapse C2 does something involving the selected physics library, when it loads a project.

    Web GL - example capx

    [Plugin: Name]

    Sprite: BackgroundSprite

    Sprite: CogSprite

    Mouse: Mouse

    Text: Text

    The plugins:




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  • It's crashing at the point it creates an OpenGL context for the Layout View. This is caused by buggy graphics drivers. Try updating your drivers and checking for any available software updates for the OS.

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