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  • I went to study Corona today.

    My goal is to write Iphone game.

    Before of this, I think C2 can write HTML5 and then compile to iphone app by some software like Phonegap.

    I found out the way to work in Corona is extreme hard for me.

    It's not only about the way they write the script itself.

    It's about the way tutorial and UI they make too.

    When I first found C2, I was amazed by Ashley's tutorial.

    Your tutorial is rock! and your UI is friendly to work with.

    I don't know is it too much to ask, but if you going to build iphone SDK,

    I'll rather use your SDK for sure.

  • Hmmm both softwares are quite different.

    If you want to focus only on iPhone/Android games, and publishing them NOW, I'd say go for Corona.

    The main advantages are:

    • Performance on broader range of devices: With HTML5 you'll be stuck with players that already have the latest Android or Apple update (iOS 5.0). This filters out lots of users that can't play your game because of framerate issues.
    • Access to iOS/Android features: Accelerometer, GPS, In-app purchases, Gamecenter/Openfeint. Currently you can't access them in C2 - at least I haven't seem any tutorials, perhaps with Phonegap this can be achieved. I'm about to test the retina/normal graphic swap, but I'm quite sure I'm just get frustrated and forget about it :P
    • Out of beta: Mostly stable software, with lots of code exchange and documentation. C2 is still in beta, and while everything is running smoothly and with uber-fast updates, you could be stuck with a problem or limitation until the devs can fix it.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Construct and I'm sticking to it - even knowing a bit of LUA and Corona! The best option for you would be prototype the game on CClassic or C2, tweak and test it, and them port your final version to Corona for maximum compatibility and perfomance.

  • I agree with you Gammabeam.

    For C2 team, do you have plan to have SDK for iphone game.

    Because I have a lot of confidence on your team performance and your UI.

    If you can make it, it'll be the best SDK iphone developer ever have.

    Seriously, I love your C2 so much. I wish I can see it make iphone game.

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  • An article from Scirra's blog that might give you some clues.

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