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  • Question to the developers of C2: since C2 will have a paid product, can users expect status updates on reported bugs?

    I'm not asking this, because it isn't done now, but because I want to bring this under your attention.

    (English is not my native language Or maybe I should add: this is not an attack, but a request)

    This answers the possible questions:

    1- what is the current status of the bugfixing-process?

    (for example: "investigating", or "possibly fixed, testing process". And if the status remains the same for a week or longer, perhaps short, but more detailed information, to keep people informed)

    2- when was the last time the developer worked on it?

  • Hi Rogerty,

    The new website will have a support ticketing system at some point for paying customers. As we have not yet started taking sales, this wont be released until we do. We plan on significantly improving user support.

    In regards to bug fixing, we are looking at options at the moment. For now if you leave a bug report in the corresponding download thread it will be looked at.



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  • Please also bear in mind that the nature of software development means some bugs may not be fixed (either for technical reasons or because the reported functionality is by design, etc). We'll do our best to keep you informed with what we're doing about bugs, but we can't guarantee a fix on every single bug.

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