C2 also to make an app?

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The internet is bombarded daily with new apps (app is the short term for application)
  • Except for games, is it possible to create an app as well? Or is it better to find a different software?

  • Construct 2 is made for game designing but I think if you tried hard enough you could make an app. (Depending on what it is exactly)

    What kind of app are you making?

  • a language-educational app...

  • trance Construct 2 was marketed towards game development, but works as well for apps. As long as you keep it 2D, Construct 2 can make anything.

  • i think it's better you use html5/js/css and Intel XDK for apps.

  • the thing is that I would like to use C2 because I cant use any "programming language".

  • i can be very powerfull for apps, i always seem to build engines in construct, wich is kind of strange actually but fun to do , but its missing some core elements for doing things efficiently, that you would have to design or think of yourself or just need to improve

    also the whole pinning thing is or setting something to another object every tick is getting old, i hope a parent child connection / tree will come someday

    having to pin text to backgroundcolors and all that jazz, is pretty boring, ohwel

    styling your app could actually be a dragg, and is indeed better done in css, but i think this could be great if we would have more control over imageatlas connection, but if you prepare your design well , it can work well ofcourse for basic apps

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  • trance , so why do you ask, its your only option it will depend on you skills with construct and how complex you want it to be...

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