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  • I've successfully used C2 to develop an app in the past: for a company that was hosting an expo. As most of us have realised, with a bit of care, C2 is actually very suitable for non-game development, and so when I was recently approached by the owner of the expo venue to develop a bigger, more advanced app for them based on my previous success, I wasn't too worried. Once this app is done I'll finally be in a position to buy a business licence, and really kick my C2 development into high gear.

    I'll be pushing my knowledge of C2 to the limits: interfacing with a third-party online database (the client will be able to update portions of the app this way, updating latest events, etc.), using push notifications, social network integration, and so on.

    But now the client has asked if I could embed some e-commerce functionality into the app: they want users to be able to buy tickets within the app, instead of my initial plan to simply link to an external website. Obviously this has a lot of technical and legal implications, and I want to get some feedback from the community on the technical side of things. Assuming this ticketing system has an API of some sort, how reliable do you think C2 would be for this purpose? Would it be better (or good at all) to instead embed an iframe into the app which takes users to the website without leaving the app? Has anyone done something like this before and, if so, what was your experience like?

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