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  • Hey all! There are few things I'd like to pick up on the Scirra store. Some A.I. templates and that $2.39 platformer template. I basically want to learn how to create more interesting A.I. patterns and also maybe see an example of game that's efficiently coded and laid out. I'm not sure I understand all the license stuff and legal-ese though. I don't plan on "using" or "modifying" or "expanding" anything I buy to build/create a game. If I buy anything, it'll be for learning purposes only. I'm already creating a game with my own artwork, story, characters, game ideas, etc. And I've invested hundreds of hours into this already. Anything I learn will go towards the improvement and betterment of my game.

    Will I owe someone something because my enemies act similarly to ones in a template? Will my game no longer by my game if I decide to buy something off the store? Sorry if this is a dumb question, just looking for some clarification. Thanks!

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  • If you were to use the template you bought and make a game then distribute it commercially, that would cover its use for your purchase.

    If were to want to do that again, you would have to buy the template again.

    Game mechanics in general can't be licenced. Anything you learn from the use of the template belongs to you.

    The only exception to that might be straight out copying, and pasting events from the template to another project.

    Personally I don't see an issue with that, as it's just an ease of use thing.

  • Thanks for clearing thing up newt! There are already so many great resources here on the forums so I think I'll hold off on buying something for now. That's all good to know though.

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