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  • hi guys

    i just wanted to ask if someone has a standart license over or dosent need his one anymore so he can sell it to me

    i mean if this is allowed to ask , if not then i never said anything :D

  • Any particular reason you don't want to buy from Scirra? If it's a credit card problem, you can get debit or prepaid cards to pay for it. Otherwise I'm sure other arrangements could be worked out with Scirra.

  • oh no , im preatty sure i will buy a license anyway . i was just asking if someone has a old license he dosent need anymore so i can buy for a discount :D

  • hello Grill, i have a 2 standart license, i'm using one, and i don't use the another. That is the gift my brother gave to me and he don't know i brought it before... Send me an mail if you want. I can discount for you.

  • Licenses are strictly non transferable, the named individual on the license is the only individual licensed to use it I'm afraid.

  • oh ok , i didnt know that . so in this case i will buy my license tomorow from you :D

  • but my friend buy a construct 2 , and scirra send the mail for him, and he's forward this mail for me without download the c2license.txt. When i got that mail I downloaded the license and paste to the folder and it's work.

  • And i have another brand new license and never download the c2license.txt

    , if i'm forward the mail to the person i want to give the licese, it work for him ?

    Please, it's must be clear, or someone will judge me as a cheater, liar...

    So sad !

  • Farsmile, it would be best to resolve such issues by email, feel free to email me personally! We're more than reasonable, if there was an error at point of purchase we are happy to amend this error. Transferring/selling your license to someone else when you no longer need it is not permitted though. Don't worry no one is branding you a cheater or liar!

  • When you forward a license to someone else by email, the name of the license isn't yer name, but the person's you are forwarding it to. I bought a license as a gift once and I did this, but it wasn't under my name.

  • Yes, but the license work fine. That mean if i forward the mail to someone else, he still can use the license.

  • Yes, but it isn't licensed under their name, so they aren't permitted to use it, only you.

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  • hey Construct 2 makers, i bought a license allready a few days ago and got nothing.

    i even wrote you an email and no respond so far, so plz look in your emails or write me , its preatty annoying to pay for something and got nothing.

    and yes , i checked my spam mails ,too ;)

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