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  • I just started to use CS2 today and really enjoy it. But read a few websites with people talking about publishing to ios being extremely difficult and problematic.

    The whole point for me is being able to publish to ios and Android over anything else. I want to be using admob chartboost and iap's. Is construct the right choice for me for publishing quickly/easily to ios and Android?. Or should I be looking elsewhere ?


  • You should check out how to publish using other engines.

    None of them are easy.

  • If mobile is your main goal I would probably not. None of the export options are great at the moment, and critically, depend on 3rd party wrappers, so often times bugs cannot be fixed by Scirra until 3rd parties get around to it. Often this is not a priority for them so you could be waiting for a long time. I would at a minimum wait until Crosswalk / CocoonJS and the rest improve significantly.

  • If you don't know anything about coding or other engines. There is no easier way than C2 for you to make games and publish.

  • I have games on Ios, Android, amazon, windows and windowsphone and they all worked first try and were all one click to build super easy

  • It's better now than ever. Do give Scirra your support so they keep on pushing out updates for us all.

  • chewz if something will be dificult we help you.

    My english is not very well but i can chandle with everything so you too. People here always helping me

  • With the new Cordova-based export it should be easier than ever to publish to iOS. The further back you go the harder it was, so I'd note carefully how old the other posts you've read are.

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  • Personally, I wouldn't use Construct 2 for mobile. You need to use external software like Intel XDK for Android and things like that, and we have outdated documentation and it doesn't work right.

    Let me emphasize that there's no magic "click to export" button on Construct 2.

    For desktop, it's great! If you aim for desktop then yes, go for it. There are small caveats but there is no perfect platform out there.

  • Thanks for replies...

    Still not sure what to do . Looking at GS (am I allowed to mention here?). Currently doesn't support admob though, which is no help. I see a few others having issues running admob and getting low fps in their games?. Could be just a minority.

    May just go for CS2. I like the design and layout better than the others, and the 'coding' part.

  • To me it seems that the issues with C2 performance are related to HTML5 implementations. IE seems to actually run my games super smooth, but chrome seems to do worse, even thought they're all pretty simple, and even when Chrome says 60fps, it doesn't 'feel' quite as buttery smooth as running it in IE. C2 is also the easiest to develop with if you're not a programmer (and even if you are for simple things it's quite easy). It has very nice built-in behaviors that will do a lot of the work for you.

    So if you want to go with an HTML5 game, probably C2 is your best bet. But as I said before, HTML5 to Android / iOS can have a variety of results. For example, in my case there are documented Chrome bugs that Google doesn't care to fix for years (as gaming is not their top priority, instead they focus most of their efforts on making Chrome secure), making some aspects of my game's polish not possible. The reason the state of Chrome matters is because the main export option to android has been (at least until recently) Intel XDK which is based on Chrome. There are other options like CocoonJS, this was abandoned for a while and did not support native AdMob ads but now ludei seems to have updated his C2 plugin, so I'll probably give that a try soon. It seems like it may be a good option again ,but i can't speak to it just yet, and it is not officially supported by Scirra (although it was in the past and may be again in the future, the technologies C2 depends on and supports seem to be in a state of constant flux, although again, Intel XDK seems to have gotten the most focus as of late). Results seem to vary wildly by each game, on which export option works the best, which to me is just another way to say that mobile export is 'unstable'. It works, sometimes well, sometimes poorly, and you won't know ahead of time which. Another issue to consider is that Intel XDK adds about 40mb of useless browser engine (since it's based on Chrome) unrelated to your game. So your game will have an extra 40mb in size than using a different export option, meaning you may run into the google play / iOS store file size limit more easily.

    If you want something that isn't based on HTML5, which is likely to run your game better on mobile platforms in spite of what Scirra / Scirra loyalists may say, there are better options, with my favorite being Unity + some toolkit appropriate for your game-type. There are actually quite a few Unity toolkits that can do a lot of heavy lifting so that you don't have to do much coding, but this will probably end up costing you somewhat more than C2 as each is tailored to a specific game-type, so you may need more than one if you want to work with different genres.

    Overall, C2 is a good value for the money it costs, so you should buy it anyway. But I would not try to make a production-quality mobile game with it, nor a production-quality game with it on any platform that involves substantial amount of work. Part of the reason is because support on bugs is lacking since it depends on 3rd party technologies that are still in alpha, beta, or other development stage, meaning that Scirra cannot fix those bugs and will often redirect you to said 3rd parties. However, 3rd parties often don't care about the bugs as high priority, leaving you stuck. This in turn means that making a game that requires a lot of time is very risky since your work can be wasted. C2 is great for smaller/simpler games or web games though, and for putting together a quick prototype of various gameplay mechanics to see how they work together before making them into production on a different tool.

  • The export as cordova works great. What I cannot do is to have the official IAP plugin to work, not even with Test Mode set to yes. Not even testing locally running it from Construct.

    Also, no one on Scirra is willing to investigate, this has been an obscure topic for a while.

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