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  • Hey guys, I'm new to construct 2, and am not sure if what I have found is a bug, or just something I'm doing wrong. The issue I am having is that when I put buttons in my layouts, even when I set them to visible and they appear in construct 2, when I run the game buttons just aren't there. Buttons seem to only appear in the middle upper left part of my layout when running it in my browser, but anything below or to the right of that midpoint disappears entirely, or just gets cut off. At first I thought I was just doing something wrong, but buttons will be fine for a while and appear anywhere I put them in the layout, and then all of the sudden with no code change, my buttons just stop appearing when I run them, even though I have run the game multiple times before and they appeared fine without any issues.Not really sure what's going on. Thanks in advance.

  • Go to the layout. Deselect by clicking on any empty area. Then under the properties bar on the left, click on "Project Properties" view. Set your window size to your layout size.

    Some references:



    Try reading up on the manual.

  • I tried that, both are currently at the same size, 640 by 480, but it still cuts off every button below. Only buttons though, sprites, texts, and everything else shows up fine, but for some reason buttons get cut off and disappear completely halfway down.

  • Maybe provide a capx?

  • Not really sure how. xD I have it on dropbox, but everytime I try to post it it says you can't post URL's or hyperlinks.

  • You can post the link, just not a hyperlink. Leave the slashes off the http and it should work. (to use it we put them back.)

    https: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85412219/forumposts/cb-bash.png

  • Ahh cool. That's sort of dumb though, honestly. xD But cool, thanks for filling me in. :3 Here's the code.


    Still not really sure what's going on with it, I'm thinking it's some sort of browser issue I'm having. Currently running latest version of Firefox.

  • It does that so Spammers that make an account just to post ads, at least can't make links, discouraging them a bit.

    You will be able to add links when you have 500 rep, I believe.

    The buttons don't disappear for me. Did you perhaps already fix them?

    Or do you mean after exporting?

    I've never liked the browser buttons. I use sprites instead, so I don't know if they have any current quirks.

  • Ahh I see, that's cool.

    Well, they still don't appear for me in my browser, with the same capx I sent you. When I play it in my browser, when it's on the Main Menu layout, in the browser it displays "New g" as a button, but it is cut off, and then it just doesn't even show the Load Button or How To Play buttons at all, even though they are visible and show up when I'm working on them in Construct 2.

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  • I tried Chrome IE11 and Firefox. I moved the two bottom buttons to the bottom corners and they showed. hmm

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85412219/forumposts/buttonsbrowsers.png" border="0">

    Does this one I exported do the same thing in your browser?


  • I see. Well, when I open the exported version you just posted, it does work, but not in the same way as the pictures you posted. Instead of the buttons being lined up vertically like it's suppose to, they are lined up horizontally. Although it does seem to show everything that it wasn't showing before, but for some reason they are just lined up sideways when I bring it to my browser.

    Is there anyway I can post pictures? Or do i have to have a higher rep or something?

  • I moved them horizontal so that they were even further down.

    You have to have 500 rep I believe. You can get rep by reading 50 & 100 pages in the manual, posting, commenting, thumb up comments, vote on games in the arcade, etc. the first 500 can be done in a day.

  • I see. Well I suppose I will try and get 500 rep and then just post a picture of the issue I'm having. Thanks for all the help on everything though, this has been really bugging me. I am learning the software for a class in school, and I want to work from home, so I want to have this issue resolved as son as possible. xD

  • https dropbox.com/s/1qa4pc76kfgrdfc/buttonissue.png

    There's a picture of the issue I am having. I haven't altered the capx at all from what I sent you the other day.

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