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  • HI there!! i start recently a platform game and i have the character running animation for whether he goes left or right, but everytime i touch the left or right button to go either way the animation start running which is okay, i got 2 problem here:

    1. when im touching (holding down the left or right button) the animation start and finished the frame but after its finished the animation of it while im touching the button changed back to standing animation, how can i when i touching the button the animation of "RUN" keep running instead of run and stop

    2. touch a bit the button left or right the animatino start but it doesnt stop even when im not touching after i touched it for 1 second, how can i fix that?

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  • kajuto84 , it would be best if you attach a capx for us to see. There are many factors that could cause animations to not trigger correctly.

  • Make sure your animation is set to loop in the properties bar on the left.

    Select the name of the animation in the image editor window.

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