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  • I was considering buying a business license back before talk first started about C3, but decided to hold off until we got more info on that. Now we have and well, it's turned into a spicy discussion safe to say. I don't want to bring that over here, but I think I might go with a C2 business license depending on how things play out. Hell I might do both who knows? But anyway! In the license description I see a business license is restricted to being used on one single machine at any time. Does that mean we can't install it on several? I have a laptop I like to use for testing and developing away from home (happens a lot). Technically I would just be using one machine at a time, but maybe that's still not kosher? Anyone able to clear this bit up for me? Ashley, Tom or anyone else? Thanks.

  • You can use it on as many computers as you want, but only you are licensed to use it.

    In addition, don't buy a business license until you've made $5,000 from the use of the personal license. There is no benefit.

  • Okay, thanks for the info

  • I suggest you wait with that purchase. Let's see what Scirra has to offer in the business licenses topic for C3. You might get a future discount if you wait a little.

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  • Yeh, I might decide to go with C3 in the end anyway so no rush I guess

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