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  • found the question answered for the freebundle, but

    is it allowed to use media from the standard/commercial version in construct classic, an own engine or other third party engines or middleware ?

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  • I am unsure if English is your first language or not, but the question could be worded better.

    I'll try though!

    Construct Classic is completely free, and you can make commercial products with it. You can make your own engines and everything.

    Construct 2 requires a license, either for standard use (recommended for hobbyists) or business/commercial (for a small company).

    As far as using other third party engines, if someone has made an engine here and shares it, nothing is stopping you from using it, since it's all just built from the event system anyhow. However, I am not sure if that's what you mean.

    You can make your own plugins in javascript and commercially market those to the Construct 2 crowd, though that is probably not the best way to do things.

  • ill try to word it better next time. sorry, for the misunderstanding.

    i am talking about the sound, fx and spritebundle that ships with the standard/commercial version when someone bought construct2. hope this makes it understandable.

    with own or third party engine: programming my own engine in another language(c++...) or using middleware of other people or companies (udk...).

    thanks for your answer and critisim.

  • I'll have to check with Tom, but I think the license we have for the free/licensed bundles in C2 only covers C2. So if you want to make commercial games in other tools (even Construct Classic), you shouldn't use the C2 bundle graphics.

  • I am a new purchaser finally of Construct 2, Awesome work guys by the way and keep it up! It would make sense to me legally speaking that if you purchased Construct 2 then you are purchasing the rights to the graphics/sprite packs and should be able to use them anywhere! I suppose they can include a clause in construct 2 to limit this, but I personally wouldn't see the point as long as those who are using them have a valid construct 2 commercial copy....then your not hurting anyone I would think, because you are supporting construct 2 team still in the process! Now if you post the graphics online, try to sell them yourself or don't have a valid copy of construct 2 and are using the graphics for a game you will make money off of then I would expect a large lawsuit from Scirra rightfully! Then again I am just a humble developer here...what do you think Ashley?

  • I've checked with Tom. You can only use the bundles for Construct 2 only. We're not here for people to drive by, pick up the bundle and start using it in some other tool. It's a little benefit/thankyou for using Construct 2. This applies to the free bundle as well (remember a lot of people are using the free edition so aren't license holders). Hope that helps!

  • helps alot, thanks. (if it helps my game has to be seen <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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