Would 200 bullet sprites kill iOS performance?

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  • I have 200 bullet sprites to simulate rainfall on a platform game, but I'm concerned if this will be slow and choppy once converted to iPhone. Many people here have way more knowledge than me regarding the technical stuff about C2's engine and was hoping to pick some of your brains on this Of course the 200 bullet sprites are mixed in a scene with about 10 other moving sprites, a few sounds, and 1 music soundtrack. My main concern is if the 200 bullets will be worth the performance hit.

  • I use bullet rain drops to simulate rain, on collision with a line on the ground, it spawns a particle droplet, on collision with a water line, it spawn both a particle droplet as well as a ripple sprite.

    Runs absolutely smooth even on weaker devices, ie. old Dual Core 1ghz from 2011. This is the same for CocoonJS OR Intel XDK/Crosswalk, both ran it very well, actually, Crosswalk is smoother!

    Check out how graphically demanding and collision intense the game is:

    So yes indeed, Construct 2 can generate very intensive games and thanks to the ever improving Chrome engine with Crosswalk, its smooth on many devices too.

    ps. Also same for hailstones, on impact with the ground or other objects, spawns into multiple smaller stones. Bullet is quite efficient.

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  • WOW! That thing can run on android phones? That is awesome news. Thanks a lot for your insights, silver!

  • Not only can it run, it runs it 60 fps on most devices, anything Tegra3 or Samsung S3 onwards perfect smooth like on PC.

    On older devices, example: HTC Incredible S, it runs around 40 fps, perfectly playable.

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