Bullet in slow framerate not collision

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  • Hi!!!

    I am a problem with a bullet in a game.

    The bullet goes very fast to create the feeling of shooting. But the problem is in device with low framerate, the bullet is just 2 frames , and fails to impact with objects because not draw the collision.

    Is there any solution to force the bullet draw all frames?


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  • Hi !

    Have a look at this thread, it might be of some help :

    The problem you're facing is called tunneling, and it's a "non-issue" (as in, it can be a problem, but it works as designed, and it's not solved by forcing objects to update their data more often)

    It's a reoccuring topic, but you might have specific questions !

  • If you really have to make some small and very fast objects, try "is overlaping -name of the other object, trigger once while true > destroy -name of your fast object-" instead of the classic collision event.

    it solved many of my problems for people playing with a bad framerate.

  • Also consider expanding the hitboxes of "fast" objects (relative to their size) ; you might not get accurate collisions, but you'll get collisions. It's good enough for hitchecks / damage, etc. but not necessary rebounds, localised damage (hard to detect front/back, etc.)

  • Yes, Refeuh is giving the most useful advice here. Apply this kind of hitboxes to your bullets / shots:

  • Thanks people!!!

    I try it!!

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