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  • I am working on a simple platform shooter (think Mega Man) and running into a slight problem with bullets.

    Is there a way to get a bullet (bounce off solids = yes) to collide with Moving Solids or Jump Thru solids?

    Currently, they just go right through both types, where I would expect them to bounce, like they do with normal solids. Am I missing something, or is it broken, or just not supported?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Ashley or anyone else!

    So, I figured out how to make a Moving Platform block Bullets (it wasn't set to Solid...my bad...). But, this does not work with Jump Thru set. If Solid and Jump Thru are set, the player cannot jump thru (basically it acts just like Solid does). If only Jump Thru is set, the Bullets fly right through.

    What I am looking for is a way to get a platform to allow the player to Jump Thru, but also Block Bullets. Is this possible?

    Thanks for any help!


  • Hi, I think this should be fairly easy.

    First you need to create a new event: Select the bullet sprite, select "Collides with another Object" and set the other object to be the Jump through Platform.

    Then for this condition, set a new action. Again select the bullet sprite, go down to the bullet movement section, and select "bounce off object". Set the object to be the Jump through platform again.

    Edit: if you don't want the bullet to bounce, then instead of selecting "bounce off object" just set the bullet sprite to "destroy"

    Hope this is what you were after

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