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  • now i've found one thing that i can't understand at all.

    1. i have a sprite with 20 animations, i put custom movement on it. Then i create event

    create object (that sprite), then event that sprite.set angle of motion 90 and speed 20. My object goes to the right - wtf? I change to

    180, goes left? 270 goes right again. Something between - always left and right. WTF IS GOING ON?

    2. and this is what i wanted to ask about bullet behaviour. since i couldn't do that thing under 1 with custom movement, i've decided to use bullet behaviour. doing the same thing (90°, 20 move speed bla bla) works exactly as expected. but! (always a butt (or someone give me an example of it, because i have like extra 200 events for setting angles -__-)

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