Bullet Behavior-set angle of motion

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  • I was wondering.

    Does this action really have to also set the angle of the object itself?

    I liked how it was before where it only moved to a specific angle without rotating the object.

    We already have the angle section to manage the angle of the object.

    Or cant we get a bullet action that also does the angle motion without rotating the object?

    I had to recently work around it by adding additional invisible sprite just to keep the main objects angle in place and I would like to keep things small as possible with leess sprites in the game.

  • If you set the "set angle" to "no" in the bullet behavior parameters, you will be able to control the angle regardless of its motion from the bullet behavior.



  • Elaborating on Eli0s' answer:

    Before switching off "Set Angle" changing the objects angle would also change the direction, so if you change that, you may have to change those events to use the "set angle of motion."

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  • damn, I wouldn't have thought about that.... Thanks :D

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