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  • I really don't know what i am doing wrong.

    I am working on a vertical climbing game, it's a 800x480 fixed window/layout, i am spawning the level randomly outside the layout and pushing it down with the bullet behavior and destroying everything below 900px.

    my game runs most of the time on 60fps, with minor drops (not less than 55), object count starts at about 50 and builds up to about 300 max.

    collision check is ranged from 800-2000.

    but still when i play it on my computer (web-chrome) or on android with intel XDK i get jitters from the bullet objects, it seems to not be connected to amount of objects or collision checks.

    here is the game:

    Jasper Jump

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  • I used some sprites with bullet behavior for background and have similar issue. When turned on collisions (8-10.000) then it jitters, if turned off collisions (10-20) then it's still not 100% smoooth too. Checked on Chrome.

  • I'd recommend testing with Chrome alone.. There's been some nasty issues at Chrome that affect the frame rate and due automatic updates you can't tell if the problem is due chrome or some other detail.

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