just built first APK using intel XDK but file size is 17M???

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  • hi guys,

    Here's C2 newbie Kevin, just finished first tutorial (shooting monster)

    and managed to make APK using intel XDK (to put and see in my galaxy S3)

    and it gave me 2 different APK files one for arm and other one for x86.

    But, I just got damn lolled at their file size.

    ARM APK = 17.4MB

    X86 APK = 19.0MB

    really???? for this simplest game?

    or did I do something wrong?

    Please help me in this issue. As far as I know, this app should be less than 2MB seriously lol

  • Wrapper includes all libraries like webcam, audio, webstorage, IndexDB, AJAX, etc. sometimes it can be heavy.

  • thanks Joannesalfa

    is there any other way to make APK file not using intel XDK?

    it makes file size too big

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  • Even though the file size is quite large, it will not pick up a huge amount of extra size when you build upon your app. I have an app with over 400 events, and 600 sprites. My file size is approx 19mb.

  • GEEKEV Wrappers come with HTML5 technologies may be heavy, there no way to exclude one of the libraries, If you want very small size of APK, you should consider programming with Java for Android instead of HTML5 that you can control the libraries.

  • FYI. I found Unity to have and overhead of apx 7-10mb depending on required features.

    Technically you can make a Chrome Wrapper and cut out features. For example if your not using WebSockets you don't need to include them. Same with DOM rendering and other such features. However the only way to cut these features to reduce the size is to manually cut the Chrome features and pack it yourself. None of the automated Chrome Wrappers I notice offer this feature. So I'm sure you can reduce the size, but your technical knowledge is above most C2 demographic knowledge.

    Again I must itterate Unity's own engine size almost clicks in at 10MB. So is really 7mb all that big a deal?

  • GameThirsty

    so later even though I scale up my app the file size will still about the same. thx for info


    java for android.. sounds very hard lol

    I already gave up learning unity and even corona sdk haha


    thanks for pointing that a plain unity project file size is already about 7MB.

    So, actually most C2 developers makes games with C2 for web??

    They hardly make games for mobile coz of huge file size?

  • nope. the last opinion survey showed apx 60% developer for mobile. it's just apx8mb over head than a standard unity pcakage is negligible compared to how easy it is to make games.

  • With phonegap it will stay small in size

  • mrnannings

    Thanks for phonegap info

    but how much will it decrease?


    It stays almost the same as you export it as just a html5

    But performance can differ from cocoonjs and intel, just try everything out and choose what works best

  • update:

    I tried cocoonJS to build APK and just got download link to my email.

    They gave me 2 version of APK which are,

    googleplaystoreV3_debug_signed ---> 9.3M

    googleplaystoreV3_release_unsigned ---> 9.3M

    still not sure what it really means the signed and unsigned but file size became half!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but another bad news is performance seems worse than intel XDK

    and most of all they put ludei intro screen for like 3 seconds ROFL (who the fuck wanna build with it lol)

  • People who want to publish to iOS build with it You can also make a deal with them to remove the splash I guess!

    Just cause I´m curious....why is 20MB to heavy for you?


    It stays almost the same as you export it as just a html5


    wow so serious???????????? omg I should try now.

    check my post above. I just tried cocoonJS and file size became about half

    but seems like cocoonJS is buggy everywhere from mobile launcher

    and I hate 3 seconds of ludei intro lol

  • Beaverlicious

    Thx for comment bro. I'm concerned about file size coz my app should land in poor internet connection (bad speed) countries like SEA haha. Of course 20MB is not a big deal at all in US UK like that.

    gonna try phonegap now and update soon

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