Building User interface for game in html5

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  • Dear all ,

    I am trying to implement a user interface that will display a form for user where user will either signup or signing if he has already account. Same like this there are several other screens for configuration. Later user will able to play the game with Multiply capability through my server where i am using P H P scripts.

    Now my question is should

    1) should i implement the form on the canvas using construct 2? Or Should i create the form web page separately and call it inside construct 2 using browser object.   

    2) If i should call webpage inside browser object for my forms then should i use remote form webpage or a local "form webpage" embedded beside other construct 2 pages? In simple words server side is fine at server end but to display the local web page for speed is it a good idea to use?

    since i am newbie in construct 2 I Like to know what you guys have done while facing this situation,

  • 1. I'm not sure how secure forms are but if you're not worried about security then implement it in C2, I say.

    2. If you use a local webpage then you'll have to reupload the entire game each time you make changes to it vs. uploading just the webpage to your server. Otherwise, a local webpage should work fine.

    Others may know better than me so see what they say too <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • correct i also don't know how much secure are the forms , but if they implementing same html forms likewise on any webpage then i guess its fine.

    I like to hear more views about it...

  • In Construct 2 you can add an AJAX object to your project, then pass requests back and forth to PHP - to login, query a mysql database, etc.

    There are several tutorials that helped me get started - and it really isn't very hard if you already know PHP.

    So, it could be easily done either way. If you are doing it out side of Construct 2, then just set session variables when you process the form. Then once inside Construct 2 use AJAX to call a PHP file that will pass in what you need.

    If you want the entire thing to be self contained, then it can be all done within Construct 2 (and use AJAX to call PHP files to save or load anything you want stored in a database).

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