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  • I was wondering if it is too overkill to build a html website with construct. (an interactive website)

    The question is simple, I would like to have your opinion on that.

  • This is my personnal opinion :

    I think it's possible because I'd love that it will be possible !

    I'm playing aroud this way ^^

    So you can make a website if you include plugins like import css, json, and other stuff like that (there is a lot on the plugin section), but you probably will have to code some plugins to make exactly what you want. This is bad part.. You code a plugin to code in construct instead of directly coding you site.

    You will not be able to make a really beautifull site, however you can get beautiful results.

  • Using the search option of the forum, looking into the "C2 general" forum only, with the keyword "Website" in the title of the topics and displaying the results as topics you get a quick list and can notice the question has already been asked several times around.

    Opinions from back in 2013.

    More opinions. Even more opinions and ultimately more opinions.

  • Up till a short time ago Flash was a standard method to build websites. One could argue that Construct (with the canvas element and javascript-->"html5") is quite similar.

    And currently many websites out there use the canvas element in combination with javascript to drive parts of their website (or the complete page), replacing Flash based elements. Nothing new under the sun here.

    So, yes, you could make a complete website experience in Construct (I believe having read on this forum that some users already did btw) - it even supports responsive elements that automatically adjust to the screen size. In that sense it actually outsmarts Flash. The only real issue would be SEO, because a Construct built web page would be quite opaque to search engines: there is no regular html structure.

    Again a comparable situation compared to Flash (which has dreadful SEO)!

    It would also be harder to update its content. Much harder - although the Ajax behaviour could be a great help here, and mitigate this issue somewhat. And for a static highly interactive web experience, where SEO is not that important, Construct is a good alternative to pure html and css or Flash.

  • thank you for feedback

  • Multiple C2 elements on the same page would probably have a ton of issues.

  • I think this seems more like a "working solution" rather than an intended solution to do that.

    I think the best way would be to have a normal website, and the interactive one as an optionnal way to navigate.

    Also, for flash websites, we saw what problems there were, notably SEO and incompatible/requires a plugin. While C2 wont have this last issue, this is still something to have in mind somewhere, just in case.

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  • For website use, I think that there would be too many issues using Construct 2. But it probably depends on what you want.

    Nowadays, reponsive websites are the new black - and this is either impossible or extremely hard to attain, using Construct 2 as your only developing tool.

    If you want to combine Construct and HTML5, CSS3 etc. - then yeah, it can be done. But then I'd much rather go with jQuery for fancy effects, and frankly I'd avoid canvas and WebGL. But it depends very much on what you want; fx. if you want your users to navigate with a plane to open up certain parts of your website, Construct can easily do the job. But you want a more traditional approach, I'd advice you to do it more... traditionally.

    Also, as I make everything dynamic and my backend is PHP/MySQL, I'd personally be at a loss of how to to that with Construct. Maybe I'll learn some nifty tricks after a while; I'm a newcomer to Construct, but a seasoned web developer. ^_^

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