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  • Hello,

    Last year I was developing a game that I was building by some Intel version, that created a Crosswalk build, and I always received the email with the download file:

    The Crosswalk build on Android for YN was successful.

    But I stopped developing until now. I launched Intel and it was notifying me that I should download the new version of it, so I did it.

    So now I build my game and tried to install it to my Android (Samsung S4) and I was not succeed, (Application couldn't be installed is the error message).

    Then I realized that the e-mails that I received were saying this:

    The Cordova Android build for YINew was successful.

    So maybe that's why I can not install it. Is there a way that I can build a Crosswalk application again with the new Intel tool?...

    PS. Maybe I'm getting all wrong, if so, please let me know.

    Thanks a lot!

  • I'm not sure, but it seems to me that you built a Cordova export which only works on Android 5+. Go into the Build settings of your project and scroll down to Crosswalk Runtime. Is it set to embedded?

  • i'd still use visual studio and it's builder.

    you create a new cordova app, add stuff in, through plugin browser add crosswalk and build it. you get an apk, signed and aligned.

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  • Well I tried to do the same steps with my wife's phone and it works correctly, so it is a problem with my cellphone. Apparently it is an issue with some file named smdl2tmp1.asec that I need to delete or something, since some weeks ago I buy an SD card.

    BTW, is there a posibility that I create the game with construct and use it on Visual Studio as saiyadjin said, and then build the game for Android?

  • Let me check it and I'll tell you

  • Yes, it's possible, but you'll build and APK with Cordova like you do with XDK. Only, with Visual Studio you have more freedom to customize the process. But it's not native.

  • no, the build is not the same. and that's the difference.

    read more about it here: ... d-run-app/

    also this might be usefull for some: ... pp-apache/

    though as glerikud said, it's not native.

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