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  • Hi, I have presented some editor bugs that have not received a response in a month.

    I observe that other bugs presented by other people also do not receive an answer and simply remain there and are forgotten / relegated in the pages.

    I would appreciate if, please, you could explain what kind of bugs are going to be corrected and revised and what bugs are going to be forgotten, this will avoid wasting my time in filling in a report if I think my bug will not be reviewed.

  • Any significant software project with a bug tracker will have some long-term open bugs - that's normal. Unfortunately sometimes there's just nothing quick or easy that can be done about an issue. It can be difficult even to make a useful comment, since often it's not clear what the problem really was until it's fixed. Still it's useful to have them logged as known issues, and the team does go back through old issues from time to time, especially when dealing with potentially similar issues or changes that might affect them. So while we may not be able to say anything useful about every report that is filed, we do still appreciate good bug reports and it's useful to have them there.

    The best thing you can do to help make a bug report fixable is follow the bug report guidelines as closely as possible. For example if it's not already reduced, reduce the project to the absolute minimum possible - an ideal sample project has maybe <5 events and <5 objects.

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  • Well, I noticed that my errors also happened in C3 but now I see that in C3 they have been corrected but in C2 they continue to happen.

    Why do not you solve this for C2 as well?.

    Continue in C2 - ??? in C3

    Continue in C2 - Solved in C3:

    The problem is that closed tabs save space on the screen and it is not necessary to scroll in the properties window of the object, but since this does not work, you should always close the tabs, because they do not keep their status. This causes that you will always have to scroll in the window.

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